Online Blackjack - The Top Guide For Australia

They say that blackjack was invented in 17th century France. But judging by the popularity of the game Down Under, it's safe to say that it was perfected in 21st century Australia. Online blackjack and its live counterpart has fast become one of the most popular table games in the country. And you don't have to look far for proof.

Over the last few years, the number of choices for online blackjack for Australia players has expanded at record speed. With more and more casinos realizing that the Australian market has huge potential, dozens of top international casinos have flooded the market. But not every site offering online blackjack for Australian gamblers is a top tier casino. Thankfully, our expert team makes it easy to find the perfect site. We've weeded out all the mediocre blackjack casinos to bring you only the best online real money sites.

Why Playing Online Blackjack In Australia Is So Great

Blackjack online for Australians is a real game changer for players. Forget about waiting for an open seat at a blackjack table in Australia. Forget about waiting for a seat on the train to get there. Forget about the driver's seat in your car. There's only one seat you need when you play online blackjack in Australia - and that's your sofa. When you choose a site that offers online casino games for Australians, you're choosing convenience.

You're also choosing greater variety. At traditional Australian casinos, the game selection is limited by floor space. You can only cram so many blackjack tables into the limited amount of real estate available. But online? The sky's the limit. That means while land-based casinos might only feature one or two types of blackjack games, online you'll find dozens and dozens of variations - all at the same Australia casino site.

The Best Places To Play

We found the best places to play this great game for Australians. Our picks for the top online casinos featuring the best blackjack games have been tested to make sure they're leaders in the market in every category. That means the highest quality in casino software and mobile gaming apps. That means trusted and reliable banking methods you'd expect so you can get your money in and out of the online blackjack casino with ease. That means top-notch customer service that can't be beat. And that means the best online blackjack game selection you'll find - anywhere.

Not every Australian Internet casino made our list. In fact, out of dozens and dozens of available casinos that offer blackjack online for Australia, we narrowed our list down to a select few. First and foremost, if a pick wasn't regulated, it didn't make the cut. Because we know that honesty and integrity is key for players looking for casino games to play, all of our recommendations are fully regulated by international gaming authorities.

Play Online Blackjack Games Today

Ready to try some of the best online blackjack sites Australia has to offer? Just use our links to download free software or play via your smartphone and tablet. As long as you've got an Internet connection, you can double down on big time excitement.

Best of all, you can play blackjack free online, allowing you to practice and get to know the game before you invest any of your hard-earned cash.


We are committed to bringing you the best in online blackjack and gaming information. Within these FAQs we will provide answers to the questions and concerns of Australia's blackjack gamblers.

How can I find the best blackjack sites?

We, here at present you with a list of the best sites at which to play blackjack games, either free, or for real money. We rate sites based on ease of use, security, bonuses and other factors. You can read our reviews and select the site that meets your needs. The important part is that you also do your own research and investigation. The site you choose should be right for you.

Are the casinos listed here legit?

Yes. If we are recommending a site, you can rest assured that we stand behind the site as one that meets our standards for safety and security of deposits, withdrawals and game play.

Is it possible to win?

Yes. It is important to understand the game of blackjack online and its betting strategies as well as the idiosyncrasies of each gaming site. Some will set rules that benefit the house and will make it harder for the player to win (like the dealer hitting on a soft 17). Also, you should be prepared to cash out your winnings. We have all known players/friends who have boasted about being up AU$1,000 only to have lost it a couple of sessions later. You should also make sure to find a casino offering a good welcome bonus. Don't be afraid to change online casinos after you complete the requirements of your bonus.

Where should beginners start?

We recommend that players who are just starting out should stick to the basics when it comes to rules and strategies. You can find plenty of tips for new blackjack players online. There's also free gameplay offered on most of the gaming sites, allowing players to practice strategies without worrying about cash. It's better to start the real money games once you're familiar with the rules and strategies for betting.

Is the game rigged?

No. The odds are actually better that you'll find a rigged game at a live casino. Online blackjack sites have to regularly update and verify their gaming software and apps to make sure that they're operating fairly.