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Do you remember that scene in the blackjack movie 21 where the MIT students hit the Las Vegas strip and play blackjack for free without ever dropping money on the table? Of course you don't. Because it didn't happen. In Las Vegas, free blackjack doesn't exist. If you're dealt a card, that means you've got at least $25 a hand on the table. But online? It's a totally different story. Some of the top online casinos let you play online blackjack for free - no questions asked. Ever. No need to open your wallet. No need to even own a credit card. Read on to find the best casinos where you can play free blackjack online.

Why You Should Play Free Online Blackjack Games

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people hop online to play blackjack for free in Australia. While the excitement level is the same across the virtual felt, the reasons for playing differ from player to player. If you're thinking about trying out free blackjack online but you're not sure whether its right for you, have a look at the top reasons why free blackjack in Australia is so popular.

  • You normally play slots - If you're new to the game, there's no better way to learn than by playing online blackjack, free. If you're the type of Australian asino player who has never tried Internet blackjack, free tables are your best bet. That's especially true if you're accustomed to playing online pokies. For the most part, playing pokies doesn't require much concentration. But online blackjack? Free your mind because you'll need tons of focus. With the free felt, you don't have to worry about losing money while making wrong moves. Go ahead and try anything. With no real money to risk, you've got nothing to lose.
  • You're used to other table games - If you're a pro at other table games like baccarat or craps, your first thought might be, “This game looks so easy, who needs free blackjack online? I'm a casino games pro. I can win.” That's one of the first mistakes pro casino players make when switching from another table game to Australian blackjack. Don't make that mistake. Instead, try free blackjack online first. You'll see that playing smart requires a certain set of skills and knowledge that new players might not yet have.
  • You're getting ready for a big casino trip - Thinking about heading to the casino in Melbourne for the weekend? If your game is blackjack, practising your game first is the smartest move you can make. And the best way to do it is by playing free blackjack. Australia casino players who win at the tables consistently are the same ones who constantly up their game. With free blackjack tables open 24/7 online, there's no excuse not to practise.
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The Best Casinos To Play At Free

There are tons of free blackjack options online for Australian casino players to choose from. But just because something is free, it doesn't mean you should jump on it. Not all online blackjack free sites are created equal. Some offer slow software. Others limit their game selection. Some free blackjack sites only let you play a limited number of free games before asking you to make a deposit.

Not our picks. We've searched the world for the best places to play blackjack for free in Australia. We then took our list and rated each site for quality, gameplay, speed, customer service, and more. Just use our links to download the free Internet casino blackjack software. You can play free blackjack in Australia for free from your PC whenever you like. And if you're on a Mac, you can use the site's Instant Play software to play using your web browser. You've got nothing to lose - literally - so play now!


You want the convenience of playing online, but don't have the funds or aren't convinced that real money play is for you. What do you do? There are options for playing free online blackjack. Here are some answers to questions you might have as you look for the right site and game for you.

What are the most popular free games?

The most popular free online blackjack games are the more standard verions. The classic American blackjack is still king, but there are many diverse variations that can meet any player's desire.

Do they imitate real money games?

Yes, free games do imitate real money games. Real or play money, the strategy of the game is the same. If they didn't provide a real experience for players they wouldn't provide a good entry point into online blackjack gaming.

Are they a good place to start?

If you want to play for real money, there is no better place to start than free blackjack games online. It gives you a good taste of the game play, the interface, the different variations and the overall feel of online play in a risk-free manner. When you feel comfortable enough with what you've done and accomplished in the free games it makes the transition to the real money games a bit easier.

Is it easy to make the change to playing for real money?

Yes. But only you are able to tell when you're ready for the transition. Play until your comfort with the interfaces and with the rules and strategies make you think that you can place real money bets with confidence.