Play in AUD: Online Blackjack for Your Australian Dollars

Got a handful of AUD and ready to play online Blackjack? Before you throw your money at just any casino site, make sure the one you choose is an AUD online Blackjack site. If you decide to play 21 games at a site that’s not necessarily Australia-friendly, you could find yourself hit with extra service charges and exchange rates when you go to deposit or cash out. There are huge benefits to playing at an online Blackjack AUD casino, so read on for the most important information.

Why Playing Blackjack In AUD Makes More Sense

  • You don’t have to worry about calculating the exchange in your head
  • There are no surprises with outrageous exchange rates and service fees on your credit card statement
  • It’s easy to cash out of a Blackjack casino that accepts AUD
  • Deposits are processed successfully more often at AUD online Blackjack sites
  • There are no delays in converting money from one currency to another
  • You don’t have to worry so much about declined charges due to foreign currency
  • There’s no need to figure out what your bankroll is worth in your own money

Playing In Other Currencies Can Be Confusing

You shop in AUD. You get paid in it. When you go out to eat, you settle the bill with Aussie currency. Internet banking? Same deal. So when you decide to play online blackjack, AUD deposits make the most sense. But not all casinos let you play in Australian dollars. If you play at a casino that only accepts US dollars or euros, things can get confusing.

Imagine making a deposit in US dollars, having your credit card charged in AUD, being charged a premium for the exchange rate, and seeing fewer AUD in your casino account because of the poor gambling exchange rate. That’s what happens when you deposit with AUD at a real cash casino that doesn’t accept Australian currency.

Native Currency Casinos Make More Sense

Finding an online blackjack AUD site isn’t just about depositing and withdrawing your winnings with ease. It’s about knowing that you’re playing at a site that’s built for Aussies. Remember, Blackjack casinos often offer other popular games. So if you want to take a break from the tables and hit the online pokies, an AUD Blackjack site is the way to go. Playing at a different type of casino designed for other countries could mean that you might not be able to access the type of Australian casino games you want.

You’re also guaranteed a better customer service experience when you choose to play online Blackjack AUD games. When a casino goes out of their way to serve Australian Blackjack players, it means that they care about the Aussie casino community. So you can count on customer service that’s available during Australia-friendly hours. That’s a pretty big deal considering far too many casinos operate on European or US time.

We Found The Best AUD Blackjack Sites

Don’t be fooled by an Australian flag plastered on the homepage of a blackjack site. Just because it has that familiar flag, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a reputable casino. Many online casinos use geolocation technology to recognize where you’re from. A simple IP address check reveals that you’re in Australia and tells the site to show you the Australia-themed homepage. So you might think you’re about to sign up to a Blackjack AUD site, but you’ll be disappointed if the site doesn’t accept your currency.

Instead of playing a guessing game, check with us first. We reviewed every AUD Blackjack site to make sure that they actually accept real money and let you play in AUD. We then reviewed and rated each site in a number of categories to make sure you’re getting a top-tier online Blackjack experience that will never disappoint. So go ahead, grab your wallet, and get ready to play online Blackjack. AUD is accepted at all our picks.


Most of the world has access to play blackjack and other casino games online, but it seems that only a handful of currencies are commonly accepted. Can Aussie players play in AUD? Here are some commonly asked questions.

Do most casinos accept Australian Dollars?

Most casinos don't, but the ones that we recommend to you will happily accept our dollars from Down Under.

Is there a benefit to using AUD?

The benefit is that you can play in your home currency. You don't have to go through the trouble of constantly exchanging currency. If you use your AUD you don't need to keep focus on translating in your head how much you're up or down at the table. That's a big benefit in our eyes. You also don't have to deal with fees and exchange rates when depositing or cashing out. These are the reasons why we point out for you our top picks for playing in AUD.

What if I choose to play in another currency?

If you choose to play in another currency you might open up some additional sites to play but you deal with the additional hassle of exchange rates and potential fees charged during deposits or withdrawals. You have the additional headache of constantly converting your winnings into AUD to keep a good feel for what you have in your bankroll.

Should I use a specific deposit method?

No. Use the deposit method that you feel most comfortable with. You cannot go wrong with eWallets like Skrill or the Aussie-focused POLi, with credit cards like Visa or MasterCard, or with direct bank transfer. It's worth looking at each site to see what the transfer times for each method are when it comes time for a withdrawal.