Blackjack Review: Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino Blackjack Review

No matter how many casinos you've hit in Australia, you know that nothing compares to Las Vegas. That oasis in the desert is truly blackjack players' paradise, with dozens of casinos offering every type of blackjack you can imagine. But even in Vegas, you'd have to jump from casino to casino to play every type of blackjack game. Most casinos only offer two or three variations of blackjack - the classic variety and a couple of bonus versions, whether Perfect Pairs or something else. But Royal Vegas? It packs every Las Vegas casino into one online portal, so you have fast access to every type of online blackjack game you can think of.

Online blackjack variety at its finest

With a name like Royal Vegas, you'd expect an online blackjack casino experience that's fit for a king. And you're not disappointed. The online casino features well over 40 different versions of online blackjack to play.

With over 40 online blackjack varieties, figuring out how one online blackjack differs from another can seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you're a brand new Australian online blackjack player who has really only played one kind of online blackjack.

But Royal Vegas does a great job of educating online blackjack players on what each game offers. Hovering over any of the Royal Vegas online blackjack variations under the "Games" section reveals the following information about the game:

  • Number of online blackjack decks
  • How much hitting a blackjack pays
  • How much you'll earn if you bet insurance
  • What hand the dealer stands on
  • Any special bonus payouts for special online blackjack hands
  • Anything else you need to know about the Royal Vegas online blackjack variation

When you see a Royal Vegas online blackjack type you'd like to play, just click the button to install the game. Yes, with over 40 varieties of online blackjack to choose from, not every Royal Vegas online blackjack game comes installed with your online casino software. But when you click a game, installation happens in under one minute, and everything happens within the software so you don't need to worry about strange Windows security popups.

A realistic online blackjack table

Whether you're used to doubling down at the casino in Sydney, or busting the house in the middle of Sin City, you're used to one type of blackjack table. Clean and uncluttered. Royal Vegas does everything in its power to deliver a true-to-life blackjack experience. You'll find a table with green or red felt (depending on the game), a leather-style rail, and felt texture and graphics that are nothing short of impressive. Cards are also easy to read and perfect in size. Perhaps our only gripe is that the decision bar covers a little bit too much of the rail, but we're really reaching for problems to find at Royal Vegas. The online blackjack table experience is really that flawless.

More black chips with our blackjack bonus

You know that feeling you get when you sit down at a blackjack table in Australia and the guy sitting next to you has twice as many chips as you do? Well, you won't get that feeling when you play at Royal Vegas by using our download link. In fact, you'll feel more like that guy sitting with the big bankroll. That's because our link hands you a big deposit bonus, so when you first fund your account, you'll have way more to play with. Just click the download link to take advantage of the bonus. You'll be automatically tagged as one of our players, so even if you want to play for free to test the waters, you'll qualify for the bonus whenever you decide to bust the house for real.


Royal Vegas is a popular online destination for Aussie blackjack players. If you're considering an account you may find these questions/answers useful in your decision.

Does Royal Vegas have a good variety of games?

Royal Vegas offers a wide variety of games to Aussie players. The casino offers more than 500 games ranging from slots to cards to specialty games like roulette and baccarat.

What is the most popular game?

It's hard to pick a most popular out of the 500 games offered. But for Aussie blackjack players they will not be disappointed with the 40 varieties of blackjack offered.

How fast are they at paying out?

Royal Vegas has a 24-hour pending period and then pays eWallets in 24-48 hours, debit and credit cards in 2-5 days, bank transfers in 3-7 days, and cheques in 7-28 days.

Can I play using a mobile or tablet?

Yes. Royal Vegas supports iPhone/iPad, Android devices, BlackBerrys and other mobile devices.

Are Royal Vegas recommended for Australians?

We recommend Royal Vegas for the variety of blackjack games offered as well as the authenticity of the play environment. We feel it offers one of the best overall blackjack tables of the options open to Aussie players. We also appreciate the ease of their customer support.

How do I get the bonus offers?

Royal Vegas offers a new player bonus that will pay out as much as AU$1200 with a series of 3 deposits. Royal Vegas also offers a Refer-a-Friend bonus which will give the referrer 50 credits and the referee 10 bonus credits. Loyal players will also receive weekly deposit bonuses.

Is it safe?

Royal Vegas uses the same 128-bit encryption system that major banking institutions use to protect their transfers. They take great pride in protecting the privacy of their patrons and their personal information. Royal Vegas also proudly displays the eCOGRA Safe & Fair seal of approval.

Up to AU$1200 awaits for you when you join Royal Vegas today!