Top Online Blackjack Bonuses For 2024

If you think the only bonus you can score playing blackjack is the higher payout you'll earn by hitting an Ace and a 10 right off the bat, think again! The top online casinos in Australia offer big blackjack bonuses that are designed to put more money in our pocket - before the first card even hits the felt. But before you accept just any blackjack bonus from an online casino, read this expert guide. It has everything you need to know about earning, claiming and redeeming a bonus at the blackjack tables.

Why Blackjack Bonuses Are Important

Never sit down at a virtual table in Australia without earning an online blackjack bonus first. It tends to be one of the games that online casino players spend the most amount of money on. There's a huge reason why. Blackjack is one of the fastest casino games around. There's no waiting for a roulette wheel to spin. There's no waiting for dice to be tossed and bets to be paid out. In blackjack, cards are dealt quickly and bets are paid out before you even have time to blink. Because the speed of the game is so fast, it's easier to wager more money over the long haul. An online blackjack bonus rewards you with real money based on how much you wager. Since you tend to bet more money playing this than any other game, a blackjack bonus provides you with a huge opportunity to score more to play with.

How They Work

Before you sit down to play blackjack for real money in Australia, you'll need to make a deposit. By depositing blindly without considering the bonuses on offer, you're basically giving up money. With hundreds of online casinos in Australia competing for your business, management at most of the big ones have resorted to giving away free money to stand out from the competition. To earn the free money, you may need to enter a bonus code when you make a deposit.

Most online blackjack bonuses will match your deposit by a certain percentage, and credit your account with that money. For example, if you deposit $200 and the blackjack bonus is 100%, the online casino will credit you with $200. But you can't withdraw or play that money quite yet. The Internet blackjack bonus money is released in increments set by the site after you've wagered a certain amount of cash. But because online blackjack players can wager a lot without having a big bankroll, it's easy to meet the requirements.

Get A Bonus - Easily

When you sign up for an account using one of the links on our site, you'll qualify for the special blackjack bonus that we've negotiated. But the benefits don't stop there. Since the site knows you're serious about the game(after all, you arrived at their site through a specialty site), you'll be tagged as a blackjack player, and you might qualify to earn multiple bonuses over several deposits. The type and frequency of the blackjack bonus being offered varies from site to site, so make sure you read the terms and conditions first.

So go ahead. Before you double down at the tables, double down with our recommended casinos that offer first time deposit blackjack bonuses that can double your bankroll.


Bonuses are a big part of online blackjack and Internet gaming in general. It's important to understand them when selecting an online gaming site. Below are some frequently asked questions on bonuses.

Is there a catch?

There isn't really a "catch," but most promotions do typically require conditions to be met. Most sites offer a matching bonus for deposits. Before these can be withdrawn there usually is a certain amount of bets that must be placed or a certain number of hands that must be played in order to withdraw it. It's always best to read the casino's bonus Terms and Conditions section to acquaint yourself with the requirements of that particular site.

Who is eligible?

You want to check a site's Terms and Conditions to verify who is eligible for a bonus and at what point they become eligible. Most sites offer an initial sign-up promotion and blackjack players signing up and making an initial deposit will be eligible. Some bonuses require a deposit of a certain amount to trigger them.

How should I select one?

Look around at the available sites that fit your need and look for a bonus that appeals to you. They come in all shapes and sizes. The rule of thumb is that the higher the bonus, the more effort it is going to take to fully activate it for withdrawal. If you intend to continue playing at a particular blackjack site, you might look for one that offers continual bonus options for players.

Can I take advantage of multiple deals?

You can take advantage of multiple bonuses at different sites. Most sites have an initial sign-up promotion that can be used once. Some sites offer additional deposit bonuses and weekly or monthly offers to encourage additional deposits or blackjack play.

Are they paid in AUD?

Yes, Aussie players can be paid in their own currency, but you should verify with each casino you look into that their payment and play methods include the AUD.

Can I withdraw my bonus?

Bonuses can be withdrawn as long as the required number of hands or amount of bets has been achieved. Each casino will have a Terms and Conditions section that will give you the information you need regarding when bonuses can be withdrawn.