Glossary: Discover Common Blackjack Terms

Blackjack has a lot of gambling terms associated with it, and it can be a bit confusing for new players. This extensive blackjack terms glossary is going to clear up any confusion that you may have, and give you a full understanding of all the major online casino terms as well.

86'd - The term used to describe a casino patron who has been banned from the establishment. Blackjack card counters are often 86'd because the casinos do not like losing their edge, as it is bad business. Different states have different rules on card counting, but they will certainly kick you out for good if they catch you.

Basic Strategy - This is a universally accepted blackjack strategy that is used when you know your cards value, as well as the dealer's upcard. The basic strategy offers the greatest statistical odds for the player to be profitable. It was deducted using a computer simulating millions upon millions of hands.

Blackjack - Also obviously the name of the game, when a player or dealer hits "Blackjack", it means they have an Ace and a face card (or 10) on the first 2 cards dealt. Blackjack normally pays out 3:2 to the player.

Bonus - This is an online casino's way of marketing themselves better than the next site. You can get additional bonus money by joining online casinos as a new blackjack player.

Bust - When the player or dealer goes over 21 with the total value of their cards, they "bust". A bust by any player automatically results in them losing the bet.

Bust Card - The last card dealt that caused the player or dealer's card value to go over 21.

Card Counter -A card counter is an "advantage player" who assigns a count for each low and high card coming off of the deck. They can them determine with good accuracy when the player advantage is good enough to start betting big. Card counters often work in groups using both spotters and big players.

Cashier - In an online casino you will have a "cashier" section, where you can make deposits, withdrawals, and check your current balance.

Dealer - The dealer is the person who deals the cards. For online casinos, this dealer is sometimes a bot and sometimes a live video feed.

Deck - This describes the full set cards used in blackjack. The game is normally played using anywhere from one to eight decks of cards.

Double Down - This tactic involves doubling your bet, and then the dealer gives you one more card. He then immediately flips over his card and the hand plays out. Correct double down scenarios are completely covered on a basic strategy card.

Hit - You hit when you want to take another card.

Hole Card - The face-down card dealt to the dealer

Insurance - A bet that you can place when the dealer is showing an Ace face-up. If the dealer hits Blackjack and you have bet on insurance, you will get paid out 2:1.

Live Online Dealer - A real, live casino dealer brought to you by live feed. This is for people who like to be dealing with a real person instead of computer software, and brings a very interesting concept to online blackjack.

Push - When the dealer and player have the same total number value, it is a tie and the money is pushed back.

Shoe - This is where the cards are kept and dealt from during a game of blackjack.

Spotter - The person or people on a blackjack card counting team, whose job is to count the cards and signal to the big better that the time is right to come bet.

Split - When you split your two original card into two hands, and place a new bet. Then, you receive 2 new cards. For instance, a general rule in blackjack is that you always split Aces. Then you have a chance at hitting 2 Blackjacks on the same hand. A basic strategy card will tell you all the correct scenarios to split.

Stand - When you don't want another card, you say "stand" or wipe your hand in a sideways motion over your cards.

Surrender - When you surrender in blackjack, you are folding your hand in exchange for half of your bet back.

Upcard - The card that is face-up that was dealt to the dealer.