Best Live Dealer Online Blackjack Casinos

Making the switch from live Australian casino games to online ones is usually pretty straightforward. Most Internet casinos do a good job of making the experience authentic. But online Blackjack sites lack one important thing: dealers. That’s where real dealer online Blackjack comes in.

Instead of a simulated playing environment with pretend cards and virtual felt, online Blackjack live dealer casinos beam a real Blackjack dealer onto your laptop. The whole experience is very cool, but if you’re new to playing you need to read this before you do anything else.

Why you’ll enjoy playing live dealer online Blackjack

  • You can actually see the person dealing the cards
  • It feels way more social than playing against a computer
  • You can chat live with the dealer using your keyboard
  • While online casinos are safe, there’s no question of a live dealer Blackjack game being fixed
  • You can play online Blackjack real dealer games for free
  • Betting limits often run as low as $1 per hand when you play real cash Blackjack live dealer games
  • Many online Blackjack live dealer sites also include the traditional online game so you can mix things up

The differences between online and live dealer Blackjack

If you’re debating between trying a traditional online Blackjack site or a real money live dealer Blackjack site, there are a few things to consider. We’re not even talking about bonuses and game selection. We’re talking about the general differences between the two experiences. When playing online blackjack with real dealers here are the important ones to remember.

Speed of play - Online Blackjack games are fast because you’re in charge of the next deal. You can take as long as you want to deal or you can hit deal the second after you’ve been paid out. But with live dealer Blackjack, the dealer is in charge. Remember, the dealer needs to shuffle the cards manually and physically deal out the cards, one by one. If you are playing live dealer blackjack online, then expect the play to go slower than a regular online game.

Internet speed requirement - Online blackjack live dealer games are really cool, but they require a lot of bandwidth. When you play against a Blackjack live dealer, the online casino lets you communicate with the dealer in real time through video. They can’t see you, but you can see them. And that one-way communication requires a lot of bandwidth.

If you have an unlimited Internet plan, you shouldn’t have to worry about going over your data limit when playing at a live online blackjack casino. But no matter what plan you have, make sure your connection is fast enough or your video might be choppy. If you have a slow Internet connection or a really old computer, non-live dealer Blackjack might be a better option.

Real cards and tables - This one is the most obvious, but it’s an important one. Online Backjack games use a simulated playing environment. That means you never have to wait for an empty table.

We found the best live dealer Blackjack sites

All set to play online Blackjack games hosted by real dealers? Before you jump over to just any online casino, you should know that not every real cash Internet gambling site offers live dealer Blackjack. But the ones on our site do. And we’ve reviewed each one to make sure they’re of the highest calibre

That means you can count on smooth video feeds, excellent customer service, a realistic gaming experience, fast action, and everything else you’d expect from a realistic Blackjack live dealer experience. Just use the links on our site to get started. You’ll even qualify for a special online Blackjack live dealer bonus that we’ve negotiated with the sites we’ve reviewed.


If you have questions about live dealer blackjack, how to play, and the differences between it and standard versions, here are some answers that can better prepare you for online play.

What is live dealer blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack brings you as close to a live casino feel as you can get on your computer or electronic device. Instead of a typical digital online play environment, players receive a one-way video feed with a real living dealer who is shuffling and dealing real cards.

How is it different to standard online variations?

In standards online variations of blackjack players play digital cards where randomization of the dealt cards is handled by the various software programs. In live dealer blackjack, players are facing a real human dealer (typically in the form of an attractive female) who is shuffling and dealing real cards. This gives the player a feel of a real casino experience as they can interact with the dealer through a chat function. A major difference in play is that standard online blackjack variations the game tends to play faster because you can control the speed of the deal and the end of the round. In live dealer blackjack the speed is controlled by the dealer as shuffling and dealing each individual card takes time.

Are the odds the same?

The odds in live dealer blackjack would seem to tilt slightly towards the player as it allows at least the surface ability to add card counting to your strategies. In standards online blackjack, there is no way to count cards as the card offerings are randomly generated by the software. In a live dealer game where the shoe is six or eight decks, the possibility is there to gain some advantage even if it's minimal with a reshuffle when half the shoe has been dealt.

Can I play any time of day?

Yes, you can play live dealer blackjack anytime you want to on a variety of platforms.

Is the live game rigged?

No. Typically, games hosted by real dealers use a straight 8-deck shoe and the shuffle usually occurs after one half of the shoe is dealt. A live dealer setup should provide confidence in the fairness of the game. Card counters should be aware that with only a 4-deck penetration into the shoe, that a reliable count is hard to come by.

Do I need a good internet connection?

Yes. It is vital that you have a reliable and speedy connection. Even a one-way video feed will require much more bandwidth than a standard online game. If you have an older system or a slower connection then you may see skips in the video or lag and your game experience will suffer.