Enjoy iPhone Blackjack: Best Online Apps & Games

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, they billed it as the ultimate Internet communicator in your pocket. But for Internet casino fans, it has quickly become the ultimate online blackjack table in your pocket. The iPhone hasn't just made the phone smarter, it's made online gambling way more personal. For players of blackjack, iPhone offers an experience unlike anything else available in Australia. But asking the dealer to hit you on the go isn't as easy as downloading an iPhone blackjack casino app, making a deposit, and calling it a day.

Before you tap to double down, you need to find an iPhone casino that's designed for your device. As huge iPhone users ourselves, we know which sites to stay away from and which sites to run to. Read on for more.

Check out our top iPhone sites for Blackjack that offer great welcome bonuses to Australian players, especially which offers one of the best with AU$1000 free.

No Download, No Problem

What happens when casinos rely on their Instant Play version to satisfy the needs of online blackjack iPhone players? They lose out. Big time. That's because most Instant Play online casinos are coded in flash, an Adobe technology that Apple has shunned on the iPhone. Blackjack players looking to access most casinos are left out in the cold. But a handful of online casinos have created iPhone-friendly sites.

Most of these sites are coded in HTML5, an Internet language that the iPhone iOS understands and supports. That means no matter which iPhone you're using in Australia, you don't need to jailbreak it, and you don't need to install some sort of workaround to get internet blackjack games on your iPhone.

Play Casino Games On Every iPhone Model

We all know that the iPhone changed the smartphone game for good. Since Steve Jobs first introduced the iconic device, we've seen a total of six different variations. There's the original iPhone that worked on Edge. Then there was the 3G. The second generation was followed by the 3GS, and then the 4, and then the 4S. If you're sitting with an iPhone 5, you don't have to worry too much about smartphone compatibility. But if you've got one of the first two generation iPhones, you need to do some research to make sure the online blackjack experience is optimized for your device.

All our picks for iPhone blackjack sites have been optimized for every model created. While we don't recommend playing iPhone online blackjack from an Edge connection, any 3G or LTE model will work great. However, if you do have the first iPhone, you should be good to go, assuming you're on WiFi.

Find A Great Blackjack Casino App

Not every Internet blackjack iPhone casino is necessarily built for Apple mobile users. Some sites claim to be iPhone-friendly, but when you go to download them you're greeted with instructions to install LogMeIn or some sort of software to connect to your Mac or PC. And that's anything but an ideal solution.

So we've cut through the clutter and found the top online iPhone blackjack casinos for Australians that offer a seamless, flawless on-the-go experience. In just a few taps, you'll be able to hit, stand, split, or double down - all from your iPhone, without having to go through any complicated setup steps.

To get started, just click (or tap, if you're reading this on an iPhone) any of the links on our site. We'll take you to a page where you can get set up with a free account and start playing blackjack on your iPhone. All of our picks offer a generous sign-up bonus, but if you just want to test out the casino, you can play free online blackjack iPhone games without making a deposit. So hit the links and bust the house - on the go.


You are looking to take your love for hitting 21 on the road. Your device of choice is your trusty iPhone. And why not? You take it everywhere with you. Why not turn it into your own private casino and take on the house wherever you may be. Below you'll find some question many iPhone users have when looking to play on their favorite Apple mobile.

Is the iPhone a good platform to play on?

If mobility is your desire, then the iPhone is a top choice. It is widely supported and offers a tremendous variety of games. Your experience will vary depending on your interest in gaming. Some players prefer a larger screen while others value mobility more highly. If you value mobility, you will be happy with your options.

What models are supported?

Every model of iPhone is supported out there, but not by all sites. The sites we recommend support all model of iPhone. While we don't recommend playing on a first generation Edge connection, with a strong WiFi connection it is still playable.

Should I play using sites or apps?

If you are looking to play iPhone blackjack, you are most likely to be playing, using a casino app. Most sites use a Flash-based software program for their instant play site games. Flash is not supported on the Apple iPhone.

What blackjack games are popular on the iPhone?

You have a full choice of blackjack games when you play on your iPhone. While the most popular game may be the classic American blackjack, there are many variants to keep you occupied.

Can I still use bonuses?

Yes. The bonus that you sign up for is connected to your account and not to your platform choice, so iPhone users qualify for bonuses just as any other user.

How fast are winnings paid?

When you play on iPhone, your winnings will be paid out as quickly as anyone on any other platform. The speed of payout is dependent upon the payment method and not the platform on which you play.