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OnlineBlackjack.com.au is the premiere online Blackjack resource for Australians - made for Aussies, by Aussies! Like the gaming websites we review, we're 100% Australian-based, so you know you won't be scratching your head wondering if the information you find here pertains just to Americans.

We've been reviewing online blackjack Aussie sites since the first virtual card hit the felt decades ago. And that means we've reviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of sites over the years. We've seen up and coming websites for Aussies turn into top destinations and we've watched mediocre ones fade into the distance. Bottom line? We know what makes a great online blackjack site and it's our top goal to tell you about it.

Why you should use a review site

If you're used to playing blackjack in the real world at casinos in Sydney or Melbourne, you're probably wondering why you need an online review site in your corner. After all, you've played blackjack before. You know the ins and outs of a game. You know when to split, stand, hit, and double down.

But this isn't about playing right. It's about choosing right. We've made finding the perfect blackjack site to play at our business. And we know what players truly want out of their experience.

How we rate the top Aussie Blackjack sites

Not every Blackjack casino is created equal. It's just like anything else in the real world, including restaurants, shops, and services. There are some great ones that stand the test of time. And there are some not-so-great ones that you shouldn't bother with. But in the world of shops and services, the bad ones simply close down. On the internet, the bad ones could live on forever. That's why we're here. We've rated every Australia online blackjack site for five key things:

Game Selection

Game Selection: We know that you want to play more than just online blackjack. Chances are you have other favourites too. Our picks not only offer a variety of blackjack games (including games with bonus bets) but they also offer other casino games like slots, roulette, video poker, craps, and more.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Deposits & Withdrawals: Getting your money in and out of your blackjack casino account is important. You want to deposit without hassle and withdraw quickly and easily. When we rate a site, we make sure they have Aussie-friendly payment methods.


Security: If a site doesn't take the necessary security precautions to keep your personal and financial information safe and secure, they don't make our list. High-end 128-bit encryption is mandatory. Anything less doesn't cut it.

Software & Compatibility

Software & Compatibility: The quality of the software is a big deal. A blackjack experience that feels like it's stuck in the 1990s or early 2000s is out of the question. Only the most modern experiences make our list. We also look for device compatibility beyond the PC and Mac. If it works on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry, it scores more points.

Customer Service

Customer Service: When you need help, you don't want to be left in the dark. That's why spend extra time and take extra care to make sure customer service is top notch. Phone support is a big deal and so is live chat. If you have to dig deep to find contact information, we'll notice and let you know.

Free Play vs Real Money

Free Play vs Real MoneyWe know that it's not always easy to jump into a real money blackjack site with a big bankroll. While we've done all the work to make sure a site is reputable, honest, safe, and fun, we get that you don't always want to put down a lot of money to begin with. That's why we've made sure that only free Aussie online blackjack sites make our list. We think it's important for our readers to feel comfortable doubling down, so a site that offers free play scores high on our list.

Our finger is always on the pulse

Our finger is always on the pulseWe know the AU online blackjack market is constantly changing, so we keep our ears to the ground and keep up to date on everything that's happening. We dig deep to find you the best bonuses, so if you've visited our site before and haven't signed up, you might find something new today.

Read our reviews

Read our reviews for the latest and greatest

You'll find more than one great site listed here. That's because not everyone is looking for the same thing out of their online blackjack experience. What might be a deal breaker for someone else might not be that big of a deal for you. And what might turn you off from a Blackjack site might actually be a positive for someone else. So have a read and find one that fits perfectly.