Blackjack Review: Betway Casino

Betway Casino is no longer accepting players from Australia.

With this in mind we recommend our #1 casino for Aussies, Spin Palace Casino. All Betway links will lead to Spin Palace.

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Betway Casino Online Blackjack Review

There's more than one way to play online blackjack. You can always split Aces and Eights. Or you can ignore that rule and do what you want. But no matter which way you play online blackjack, your best bet is Betway Casino. With more than 42 varieties of blackjack games to choose from, plus graphics that are realistic and clean, you'd be hard-pressed to find an Australian online blackjack site that reaches the bar that Betway has set.

The fastest online blackjack install we've seen

The Betway Casino online software installs in under a minute. From clicking the Play Now button on the homepage to accessing the online casino lobby, we didn't even have enough time to head to the fridge and grab a beer. In fact, it took longer to create our account than it did to install the software. And creating a Betway Casino account is literally as easy as entering your first name, an email address, and a quick contact number.

Once you enter the Betway Casino lobby, you're greeted by a left-hand menu featuring quick access links to your favourite blackjack games. Or, simply hit the Games button at the bottom of the software to access the. Hitting the button takes you to a screen with a bunch of icons. If you're used to using an iPad or iPhone, you'll find this online blackjack menu familiar. Just click a button to access all the available games at Betway Casino.

Online blackjack choice overload

Clicking blackjack will take you to a submenu with additional buttons. New Aussie blackjack players first arrive to Betway Casino might feel a bit overwhelmed by what they see. Betway Casino features 42 different blackjack games. This is part amazing, and part slightly annoying. First, the amazing part. Most other online casinos in Australia fail to offer as many online blackjack variations. In fact, diehard blackjack players - card counters, for example - will likely find an online blackjack game that they didn't even know existed.

The annoying part? The Betway blackjack games aren't actually installed in the online casino software. You have to click on a game to install it, and while you don't have to do anything other than click once, it takes about a minute to get each game loaded. So, essentially, you're looking at an additional 42 minutes to install all the blackjack games. That said, with the number of online blackjack variations being offered, we totally understand why each version wasn't included. Players aren't likely to play every blackjack type, so why overload the software with bloat?

A solid online blackjack experience

We really liked the table layout of the online blackjack software. Buttons are big, and unlike some of the competing Australian online blackjack sites, Betway Casino understands that the focus should be on the table, not on what's happening outside. If you've heard about those online casino providers that angle the table so you can barely see what's happening on the felt, and then crowd the side of the tables with a bunch of other casino noise like graphics of neighbouring tables and people, just to simulate a real casino experience, we're happy to report that Betway isn't one of them. The gameplay is smooth, the graphics are realistic but clean, and the experience offers players the chance to stay focused.

Double down before you play with a big deposit bonus

If you're like most Australian blackjack players, you choose online blackjack over any other game because of the chance to double down on a solid hand and win twice as much. But when you use our link, the double down victory is yours before you even play your first hand. That's because we've negotiated a special deposit bonus for Australian blackjack players who choose to play online blackjack games at Betway. Just click the link on this page and we'll take you to a page where you can set up your free online blackjack account and download the Betway Casino app. The bonus is yours on your first deposit, so hit the link and then hit the tables with a bigger bankroll.


In our effort to provide online users with the best options we have answered some frequently asked questions on the Betway online casino.

Why doesn't Betway accept Australian players?

Unfortunately for online blackjack players, Betway has placed Australia on their list of countries that they will not serve.

Is this likely to change in the future?

As of right now, there is no reason to expect this to change in the near future. If it does, you can rest assured that we will be the first to let you know.

What is the best alternative?

In our opinion the clear favorite for Aussie players is Spin Palace.

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