Deposit With Visa At Blackjack Casinos

You use it to dine out and pay for your double vodka tonic. Now you can use it to double down. Love to play online blackjack? Visa makes it unbelievably easy. But using your Visa debit or credit card at just any online blackjack casino in Australia can be risky. Not all casinos have the encryption technology in place to keep your credit card number private. And not every Visa casino offers a high success rate for processing Visa deposits. But we know which ones do, and we'll show you where to find them. Read on for more.

How Online Blackjack Visa Deposits Work

If you know how to shop online, you know how to use your Visa or Visa Debit card at online blackjack sites accepting Visa. But if you've never pulled out your card to buy something online, don't worry. Using your Visa credit card or debit card to get funds into your account is ridiculously easy. In fact, it's more rewarding than buying something online - especially since you can actually walk away with more than you deposited. Just follow these directions at any of our picks for online blackjack sites accepting Visa credit card or debit card to get started.

  1. Sign up for any one of our gambling sites accepting Visa for deposits. Remember, our picks have been tested up front to make sure that they're safe, secure, and honest, and that they offer the best online blackjack experience for Australian players.
  2. Click the Cashier button in the game. Some Aussie sites accepting Visa might call this Banking. Or they might use the dollar sign symbol. But don't worry, all our picks make it obvious.
  3. Choose Visa for your deposit option.
  4. Enter your credit card information, including your Visa number and your billing address. At a lot of online blackjack sites accepting Visa, your billing and personal address need to match.
  5. Some sites might request that you email or fax (yes, some people still use those things) a copy of your Visa card before depositing. While we can't speak for other sites, we can assure you that those recommended by us are legit and the Visa document request is to keep everyone protected.
  6. Fill in the amount of money you'd like to deposit to your account, and then click Submit.

Once the online casino accepting Visa or Visa Debit has approved your transaction, the funds will be immediately available in your account.

The Advantages For Aussie Players

If you want fast access to playing online blackjack, Visa is hands down your best solution. Since you already have the deposit method in your hand, you'll save time because there's no third party transfer service to set up. And if you deposit at a site that accepts Visa like we recommend, you can remain confident that your personal information or Visa credit card or debit card number isn't being compromised.

Find A Visa-friendly Online Casino

Looking for a solid Visa blackjack casino option? We've reviewed every online casino in Australia that accepts Visa and weeded out all the ones that disappoint. Review our list of the best Visa blackjack casinos, check out the reviews, and then download the free online casino software without risking anything. Remember, you can play as much free online blackjack as you like without having to make a deposit, so give all the casinos a try and see which one you like best.

Discover more about Visa for Australians.


Visa is a popular payment method. Here you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Visa and paying for online blackjack play.

Can I use Visa at online blackjack sites?

Visa is recognised the world over for security and ease of payment. Online casinos are no different. We have selected a number of the best sites for online blackjack play that use Visa. It offers fast and immediate deposits and withdrawals.

Is it a safe payment method?

Visa offers top-notch fraud protection and is wildly regarded as one of the most convenient and safest online payment methods. The sites we've chosen to recommend you can feel safe using Visa as your payment method.

Are my personal details secure?

Yes. The sites we've selected to recommend to Aussie players offer quality encryption for all online interactions that will keep your personal details safe and secure. Always research the site for information on their security methods to reassure yourself.

Will I need to pay fees?

It is possible that a fee may need to be paid at some sites. A quick glance at the gaming site and its payment methods will let you know if a fee is assessed to players for using Visa for deposits and withdrawals.

How does it compare with other credit cards?

Visa is probably the most recognised name in online payments. With this recognition comes ease of use. With Visa you receive the fastest service in deposits and withdrawals.