Best Mac Blackjack Sites

If your love for your Mac is as big as your love for playing casino games, you’re probably frustrated with trying to find an online blackjack Mac casino in Australia that works perfectly in OS X. Your search for the perfect blackjack site ends right now. We found the best Internet blackjack Mac casinos that work seamlessly with OS X. No special software to download. No big, complicated workarounds. We’ll show you how to get started, quickly and easily.

Instant Play Blackjack Solution For Macs

PC users looking to play blackjack online usually need to download and install special software to start doubling down. But the Mac blackjack online experience is less complicated. If you’re on an Appple Mac, simply click the “Flash” or “Instant Play” link to start playing. Mac users will get the fastest access to their favourite blackjack games without having to install anything extra in OS X.

Add An Instant Play Online Blackjack Casino To Your Dock

Once you’ve found a casino that offers an online blackjack solution for Mac, you can set up your system to give you fast access to your favourite casino games. Here’s how:

  1. While on the sign in page of your Australian Mac casino, move your cursor to the icon next to the web address in the search bar. If you don’t see a search bar, click Command + L.
  2. Click and drag the icon to your dock. You can only drag it to the right side of the dock separator bar, where files and folders are kept.
  3. Release your mouse. The icon should drop into the dock.

Whenever you want to play the blackjack Mac software, just go to your dock and click the icon. The sign in page will automatically load. If you don’t want to keep the icon in your dock, you can also add a shortcut to your desktop using the same method.

Getting Started

If you’ve got a fairly new Apple Mac, or if you’ve recently updated your OS to Yosemite, there’s something you should know. You might not be able to play the online blackjack Mac app the first time you arrive at an Aussie casino. Here’s why:

New Macs don’t ship with Adobe Flash installed. That means when you first go to an internet blackjack Mac casino and click Instant Play, you’ll likely get some sort of error message. Don’t be alarmed. There’s an easy fix. Most Mac casinos that offer blackjack online will alert you to the fact that Adobe Flash isn’t installed, and they’ll invite you to click a link to install it. Go ahead and click that link, and then follow the on-screen instructions to get everything set up. Your browser will restart when installation is complete. Just go back to the casino once again and you should be good to go.

If you get a general error message when trying to play at an casino with your Mac, and if you’re not instructed to install Adobe Flash, just Google “Adobe Flash Mac” to find the proper installer.

Downloadable Solutions

If you’ve played an Instant Play version of blackjack online, and if you want to try the full casino suite, you might have a hard time downloading the full software. That’s because most casinos offer their software in an Instant Play-only version. That means that the downloadable app, usually an EXE file, only works on a PC. If you have a Windows emulator like Fusion or Parallels installed, you can download the PC version as an alternative to the Mac software.

We Bring You The Best Mac Blackjack Sites

ANone of our recommended blackjack casinos require an emulator to work properly. So go ahead. Click any of the links above to get started and enjoy the best online blackjack Mac experience available.


You want to play blackjack online, but your preferred platform involves Macintosh. What does that mean for you? Here are some FAQs that can provide those answers for you.

Can I play real money blackjack on a Mac?

Absolutely. Just because your computer or mobile device has an apple on it doesn't mean you are kept from the fun and challenge of real money blackjack. Many sites and apps offer full support to Mac users.

Do I need to download software?

No. While PC users typically need to download an app to play their favourite blackjack game, Mac users have a much faster way to the table. They have instant play options to make their trip from turning on the computer to placing their bets much faster. In fact, Macintosh users typically cannot download the full version of the casino as most sites only offer Instant Play options to them.

Is it much different to other platforms?

Other platforms may enjoy more variety due to the older Mac's issues with Flash-based applications and newer systems being shipped without Flash installed. Playing on a PC will offer many more varieties of play as well as options for downloads. Mac users may also find that even applications that claim compatibility still run somewhat awkwardly.

Can I play using apps?

Yes, Macintosh users can play online blackjack using apps.

Can I use the same accounts as my iPad or iPhone?

Yes. Most online casinos will let you use one account to play blackjack anywhere.

What are the best sites?

The best casino sites for playing blackjack on a Mac per our recommendations are Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace and Platinum Play.