Blackjack Strategy Guide for 2024

Casino owners hate them. The movie industry loves them. We're talking, of course, about card counters. They're the genius blackjack players who have an unreal ability to figure out whether the odds for winning a hand are in their favour. By using the counting cards online blackjack strategy, a professional Australian blackjack player can figure out whether to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender (if that option is available). But you don't have to be a mathematical genius to count cards and win at blackjack. By employing some basic online blackjack strategy, you can take your black profits to new heights.

Smart online blackjack strategy

If you're after the best strategy for blackjack and have discovered the benefit of counting cards, you should know that you probably won't find a lot of success online. That's because the blackjack cards are constantly being shuffled. But online is a great place to practice your card counting skills - the best strategy for blackjack players to follow - so when you do hit a live casino in Melbourne, you'll feel like a pro.

One of the simplest card counting methods is called Hi/Lo. It's actually the easiest blackjack strategy you can employ if you want to count cards. Here's how it works. Every card in the deck is assigned a value - either +1 or -1. Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are -1. Two through sixes are +1. Don't worry about sevens, eights, and Aces. They're worth nothing. Keep all these numbers in mind as you use the card counting blackjack strategy while you play.

To count cards at an Australian blackjack casino, start at 0 at the beginning of a shoe. As each card hits the felt, pay attention to its value and start adding it to or subtracting it from your count. A large number means you should bet a lot. A small number means you should bet a little. As you employ the blackjack strategy of counting cards, you'll also need to pay attention to how many decks are left in the shoe. Every time 52 cards are dealt, that means one deck is no longer in play. Each time a deck is out of play, you need to reset your count. This is crucial if you want to successfully benefit from this blackjack strategy. To do so, divide your current count by the number of decks in play. So if your count is +10 and there are now five decks left, your new count is +2.

Using blackjack strategy online

While card counting is incredibly effective, online blackjack rules make it difficult for the strategy to work. That's because cards are constantly shuffled, so you can't really count down a shoe. So what type of blackjack strategy can you employ that will help you win while playing within the blackjack rules of the online casino?

We recommend following basic online blackjack strategy. It's easy to do. Before you hit the online blackjack tables at your favourite casino, print out the table below. It tells you win to hit, when to stand, when to split, and when to double down. H means hit. S means stand. D means double down. And P means split. Because you're playing online, no one will know that you're using the online blackjack strategy cheat sheet to win at online blackjack.

And if you're looking for a great place to practise your strategy for blackjack, visit one of blackjack sites that we recommend. We found the absolute best places to play online blackjack, and we thoroughly reviewed each one to make sure the experience is everything you'd expect. Just use the download link and you'll be able to turning our strategy for blackjack winning into big profits at the tables.

Blackjack Hit or Stand Table


Blackjack strategies: should I use one? What can I do to increase my chances of winning? Please see some additional information on online blackjack strategies below.

Should I use a strategy?

Yes. If you are not using a strategy of some sort you are doing yourself a disservice. At the very least understand what cards to hit, stand or double down on.

What blackjack strategy should I use?

While counting cards is a difficult strategy in online blackjack play since players do not see when a new shoe is being dealt, some sort of strategy is vital. The best strategy for going into online blackjack is understanding how the cards play and what the odds are that the dealer will receive the card necessary to win. You can find a strategy guide here on our site that can provide a printable list of cards and when to hit, stand, or double down.

Are online casinos against the use of strategies?

Every decent player will work a strategy. Casinos hate them and are very much against card counting as a strategy. If a real casino suspects card counting they will most likely take an action against the offending player. Online casinos don't offer players the same opportunity to card count as the player doesn't have a chance to know when a new shoe has been put into play.

How should a beginner start?

Start with the basic rules and strategies. There are many sites online that can offer basic blackjack advise and instruction for the new player. Most gaming sites offer free game play where players can practise their strategies for "play" money. When you get used to the rules and betting strategies you will feel more prepared to take on the real money games.