Tips for Playing Online Blackjack

Think you're ready to double down with the best of them in Australia without following any kind of tips for playing blackjack online? Not so fast. We're passionate about blackjack. And we know you are too. As fellow online blackjack players, we don't think you should hit the tables without knowing exactly what you're getting into and what you're up against. That's why we've put together several tips for playing blackjack online. So before you hit the felt - virtual or real - read on.

  • Know basic strategy -

    We can't stress this enough. Before you sit down to play blackjack, make sure you understand basic strategy. While this sounds like common sense, this is one of the biggest blackjack tips we can offer for Aussie blackjack players. Way too many players looking for online blackjack tips ignore basic strategy in their quest to make fast cash playing online blackjack in Australia. But if you want to get on the path to consistent blackjack profits, understanding when to hit, when to stand, and when to double down for every possible hand dealt is the first step to understanding online blackjack tips.

  • Don't bother with insurance -

    One of the first blackjack tips you'll hear from pit bosses and dealers is that you should take insurance when you're facing an Ace. Before you accept this as one of the best tips for playing blackjack, stop and think about who is offering you this tip. The house is. And it's their goal to take your money. Insurance is a sucker's bet - especially online. In the real world, counting cards could reveal that taking insurance is a smart bet. But online, you can't count cards. So taking insurance isn't one of the best tips for playing blackjack that you should follow.

  • Always split Aces and eights -

    This is one of the most controversial Internet blackjack tips we can offer. Some professional players always follow this tip. Others say you shouldn't always split Aces and eights because you could end up with two mediocre hands against a potential monster dealer hand. But if your goal is to win money by playing blackjack in Australia over the long haul, we recommend that you follow our tips for playing blackjack and always split Aces and eights. That means if the dealer is showing a 2, you split. If the dealer is showing a 10 or face card, you split.

  • Double down at the right time -

    Doubling down in blackjack means accepting just one card from the dealer in exchange for doubling your bet. So, if you're holding a pair of fives and you've bet $50, you can put down another $50. But you'll only receive one card. Doubling down is one the smartest online blackjack tips you can follow to make money. Depending on what the dealer Is holding, it might be a smart move to double down because your potential to pump up your chip stack could be huge. But not all dealer hands warrant a double down. Conventional wisdom says you should always double down if you've got a 10 or 11 against any dealer hand other than a 10 or an Ace. But what if you have a 9? The key is to know when to double down and when to just hit. Because there are so many possibilities, we recommend reading our blackjack strategy page of our online blackjack tips guide to find out when you should double down.

  • Find a good blackjack site -

    The next thing that you are going to want to do is find a good online blackjack site. You can do this by selecting of our top recommended internet casinos. Our experts have reviewed dozens upon dozens of real money blackjack sites and ranked them on several different factors. Therefore you know that recommendations are legit and feature only the cream of the crop.

  • Don't gamble more than you can afford to lose -

    This is a really simple concept, but one that lots of people fail to follow. When you are talking about bankroll management, you have to look at how much money you have in your bankroll compared to what limits you are going to play. You have to make sure that you don't play over your limits, because if you lose a few hands in a row or go on a losing streak, you need to have money to build the bankroll back up. If you are stretching your money out, then you will certainly run into problems if you get a bad run. You should also practice responsible gambling and only put money online that you can safely afford to lose. If you think you have a gambling problem,this resource has some helpful information.

  • Understand variants of the game- -

    Blackjack variants have many different rules, side-bets and nuances. We have a page dedicated to explaining all the popular variants here on Many people online like jumping right into the variants that they don't see often in the live casinos, but they should understand the odds first. Many of the blackjack games have worse odds than the original classic. They might seem to have better odds at first with clever side-bets, however, the house edge can definitely fluctuate greatly between all the different variants

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